Pre-Conference Workshops

Wednesday, June 12


Sustaining SUNY Libraries Through Philanthropy

NJ Bradeen and Chuck O’Bryen

Academic libraries face choppy water to maintain library collections and resources to support institutional needs. As the “piece of the budget pie” is shrinking and costs for library materials historically increase in cost by 6-8% on average, who makes up such a budget shortfall? Has the SUNY Library administrators been politically successful to navigate this challenge? Prof. NJ Bradeen from FIT recently polled SLC Directors on their philanthropy experiences. Results of this survey will be shared along with a stage setting on possible routes for individual libraries or SLC as a group to not only cope but garner new resources to insure SUNY libraries are resource rich.


The SUNYLA Instruction Test Kitchen: Migrating from the ACRL Standards to Framework

Brandon West and Logan Rath

How can we incorporate the ACRL Framework into our instruction? This workshop will explore this question as participants work in teams to design an exciting hands-on, information literacy (IL) lesson that incorporates concepts from the Framework. After the facilitators kick off the workshop with an exercise about moving from the ACRL Standards to Framework, participants will complete two rounds of creative lesson planning. The goal of this workshop is to inspire participants to experiment with the Framework in their teaching by embracing more conceptual modalities of teaching and learning.